#12 on Amazon UK for Erotic Romance!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. A few things have happened!

Obviously, Shut Your Eyes, the final book in the You Don’t Know Me trilogy, was published. I was stunned when it rose to #12 in erotic romance on Amazon UK, and was the #1 hot new release for erotic romance for a while. It then hovered about in the top #100 for a time, and was joined by True Colours and You Don’t Know Me. It was exciting to be up there alongside EL James, Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas. And thank you to everyone who bought it, or downloaded it on Kindle Unlimited. The books continue to sell, although I’m no longer in the top 100, but never mind! I’m continuing to look into ways of publicising the books, and I’m also preparing to submit the trilogy to agents. Word of mouth continues to be the most powerful tool I’ve got for publicity. And so, if you’ve enjoyed the books, please leave a quick review on Amazon, and Goodreads if you’re on there. It makes a huge difference.

Finally, after a little difficulty with formatting, the whole trilogy is now available in paperback. I’ve priced it as low as I can. You can buy it directly from Create Space at that lowest price.

So, after living with Dan and Maya since the summer of 2014, it feels very strange to have finished the You Don’t Know Me trilogy. I’ve had those characters in my head pretty much the whole time, thinking about them while walking the dog, cooking dinner, cleaning (no, that’s a joke – I rarely clean). But now they’re gone.

I thought I’d probably relax for a few weeks, but that hasn’t happened. I have a comedy/drama trilogy on the go. It was the first thing I wrote when I got back into writing in about 2010, and having spent so much time on it (about 3 years), I absolutely need to finish it. I’ve been editing the first two books and working hard on the third, with a view to publishing the entire trilogy at Christmas. Be careful though! Don’t buy it if it’s not for you. It’s completely different to the You Don’t Know Me trilogy. It’s certainly not erotic romance. For a start, although it’s centred round a romance, there’s no explicit sex. Can you believe it? No rumpy pumpy? That’s why I’m going to publish it under a different pen name.

When I’ve done that, I’ll crack on with the next erotic romance. Occasionally, I do a bit (10,000 words written to date). As I think I’ve mentioned before, it’s called Snowbound, and I’m planning on a standalone. Writing a trilogy is absolutely exhausting, so it would be nice to just write a one-off. I’ve also got a few ideas piling up for future erotic romances.

So, in the life outside of writing, I’m mostly busy with the part-time teaching and babysitting my grandson. He’s one now, and an utter joy. He started walking last weekend. Magical! In honour of his most recent achievement, here’s a little song:

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  1. Having read some of your work, I now look forward to reading all your material. I have recently retired and at last have time to catch up with my book list. You are a talented writer and I wish you every success with Snowbound and the non-rumpy trilogy.

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