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An introduction to my books!

So, I’m a huge fan of erotic romance.  I’d been writing for a few years when I had an idea for an erotic romance of my own.  To be honest, it started as an experiment, but along the way, I think I finally found my genre!

I’m currently finishing off the final book in the You Don’t Know Me trilogy.  The first two books are already available on Amazon, and free to read if you’re subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited programme.  As I’m also a huge fan of music, all three books are named after song titles which feature in the stories, and as the trilogy goes on, the songs become more modern …

You Don’t Know Me – The Ray Charles version.  A beautiful song and the first song that Dan plays to Maya, it contains a message for her!

True Colours – The Eva Cassidy version (which I know is spelt True Colors).  A song about loving someone for who they are, Maya plays it for Dan to let him know that she’ll stay with him whatever happens.  In spite of the US/UK spelling issues, I finally decided that there could be no other title for the book.  And anyway, US/UK readers are all intelligent enough people to deal with a little difference in spelling!

Shut Your Eyes – Snow Patrol.  It’s about having a secret place in your mind to retreat to whenever life gets you down.  I won’t say who plays it for who, or where, or why!

Hope you enjoy the trilogy when it’s finished.  Please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.  It all helps when you’re an independent!

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  1. I just finished your 3 books of Dan and Maya. I was truly spellbound from the first book. I love your style, your rapier wit had me guffawing into the early hours as I couldn’t put the book down. Loved the English sayings. I tried to read the last book slower, spanning out the pages as I didn’t want the story to end. The true test of a great story. I bow down and pay homage to your talent.

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