I used to teach full-time, but gave it up in 2015 to focus on writing.  After a few months, I returned to education, but I now only teach part-time.  I’ve taught English for a long time in various secondary schools.  And that’s why I can’t reveal my true identity! If I want to work in education and write erotic romance, it’s best to stay in the shadows!

I currently share my home with my extended family and a mad labrador. I live in the annexe, where I can escape from all of the madness and get on with writing in peace. Occasionally, I creep out of the annexe and cook a meal or walk the dog. I sometimes also socialise with the family!

In my spare time, I get dragged around parks by the dog. I also like to read and watch films.

Over the years I’ve lived in London (including Camden, which is why it features in You Don’t Know Me) and Scotland (St Andrews). But wherever I’ve roamed, I’ve always returned to my spiritual home, Leicester.

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        1. Hi Angela! Thanks so much for your message. Sorry I made you cry! I’ve almost finished redrafting the third book. Then I’ll be sending it to beta readers and my editor. So, I reckon it’ll be ready early next month.

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