Summer Reading and Writing

Hi there,

Yet again, it’s been a while since I last blogged. From now on, I’ve decided to start with reading recommendations.

So, about three weeks ago, I went to Southern Spain with a couple of friends. It was wonderful. Lots of sun, sea and sangria. But also lots of reading. Now, I’m no good at reviews, especially when it comes to books I don’t really rate. So, I’ll brush over the ones that left me feeling distinctly ‘meh.’

I started with a historical novel about Vespasian. Not well written. I only pushed on with it because I’ve got a hunger for ancient Rome at the minute (all down to LJ Trafford’s brilliant – and funny – Four Emperors series). Then I moved on to three historical erotic romance stories by a very well-known author. I wasn’t particularly impressed.

Then things got much better! Have you ever read Kresley Cole? I read my first one on holiday. The Master. It was fantastic. Great storyline, characters you could really engage with, realistic dialogue, lots of humour. And most importantly of all for me, well written. I’ve just been to the library today and got The Professional. Looking forward to digging into that.

And then onto Schtum, by Jem Lester. Based on his own experiences with his severely autistic son. The story totally draws you in, but it’s so much more than that. Every now and then, I come across a book where I have to re-read sentences and paragraphs because I’m so amazed by how brilliant the writing is. This was one of those books.

And then from the sublime to the ridiculous. Count Arthur Strong’s Memoirs. Essential reading if you’ve enjoyed the radio and/or TV series. Beware though: you might end up guffawing in public like I did, and making a total fool of yourself.

So, that’s the reading recommendations for now. Onto other news …

I’ve been busy redrafting and editing The Broughton Trilogy. I’m now into the last ten chapters and still aiming to publish at Christmas. As I’ve said before, it’s something I wrote before the You Don’t Know Me trilogy, and something I want (and need) to finish off before moving on. It’s partly romance, but not erotica. In fact, I went a bit too far in the sex scenes and had to cut out a fair bit of explicit stuff!

I’ve also started what I thought would be a quick erotic romance novella. The idea was to write something that would be free, and thus help to attract a bit more traffic to the You Don’t Know Me trilogy. However, it’s now threatening to turn into a full-blown novel, and maybe even a trilogy. On holiday in Spain, I spent rather a lot of time plotting it out while lounging on the beach. Really enjoyed that! And now I’m thoroughly excited about it. Plus, I’ve still got Snowbound on the back-burner (not a good place for anything related to snow).

So, that’s the news for now. I’ll get on with various writing projects, and reading a bit more Kresley Cole!

Oh, I should post a picture. Here’s the beach bar I frequented in Spain.

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