You don’t know me

you_dont_know_meMaya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money.  When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Dan Foster – a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed.

Although she tries to resist him, Maya soon finds herself embroiled in a steamy relationship with Dan. And while he slowly encourages her to paint again, she begins to peel back his layers. At last, when she believes that she’s finally come to understand his ways, he has one final secret to reveal … and it’s a secret that threatens to blow them apart.


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    1. Thanks for your comment, Michelle. I really do appreciate it and I’m so glad you enjoyed You Don’t Know Me! Book two’s coming out very soon. I’m hard at work on editing and redrafting right now. I’ve just given up my full time job so that I can devote more time to writing. Now that thing’s are quickening up a bit, I’d say late January/early February. Keep in touch!

    1. Hi Annie! Yes, True Colours is the title of Book Two. The song features in the story. I’m just finishing off the final chapter. Release date looks like 22 March. Thanks so much for getting in touch! It’s fantastic to hear from readers.

    1. Hi Trish,

      Thanks so much for the comment. You don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next. True Colours is coming out on 22 March! Just working on final edits.

  1. I’ve just finished reading You Don’t Know Me …..WOW.

    Personally knowing the author I found it a bit hard to read through the saucy parts at first (especially when the reading voice in my head sounded like she was reading it directly to me)….but I soon got past that issue.

    The characters are great they are intriguing and easy to relate to. I really enjoyed getting to know them better throughout the duration of the book.

    I was really impressed with the attention to detail….colours of the oil paints to the journeys through London….detailing road names, directions and monuments.It’s clear that the author has really put the time in to walk these steps herself and it really sets the scene and makes the reader feel immersed in the story.

    It took me me three sittings to get through the book, I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to pick up the next.

    Very proud of you and your masterpiece !

    1. Wow, Zoe! Thanks for the comment! I suppose it is a bit weird reading those scenes when you know me! I’ll never be able to look you in the eye again!

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