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Summer 2018

Right, I’ve been very lazy about blogging over the last few months.  Better get on and say something!

First, book news.  I’ve now reached 93,000 words on X, the first book in the new erotic romance trilogy.  Very excited about it.  I hope you find Max Delaney as super-sexy as I do!  The story’s also worked out for Y and Z, the second and third books.  Three brothers.  Three books.  I’ll be editing and improving X until Christmas, with a view to publishing early in the new year.

In other news, I’ve just attempted to have a holiday.  It didn’t go particularly well.  Had to return home early to deal with family matters.  But I’m now taking the family away for a second attempt at a holiday!  Believe me, it’s much needed.  And after that, I’ll truly get stuck into editing.  And I’m awaiting a new arrival.  No, I’m not expecting.  I’m getting a cockapoo puppy.  He’s not been born yet, but his name will be Bob (which is unfortunate, as it turns out my neighbour’s called Bob too).

That’s all I can think of for now!  I’m exhausted.  Been looking after the grandson today (which included taking him to a children’s party – my idea of hell!)  Will put far more time and effort into the next blog, I promise!

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